About US

Our Origin Story:

If you’re new to the Podcast then you are probably wonder who are or what is 4 Midwest guys? In late june of 2015 I (Bwilly) assembled 3 of my friends to put together what I thought was going to be a Bi-weekly Star Wars Podcast. However after talking it out with Mr. Ankenbauer, John (later to become the dirty JZ) and Bryan Bertsche it was decided to turn direction to a more open concept. So in spirit of cooperation I set the Podcast free to be whatever we decided to let it become.  Until we found our voice or direction a basic round table Podcast format was adopted with each member bring a topic to the table to discuss. This was trial by fire and and truth be told we didn’t even have an official name for our Podcast until Episode 3  which we announced to the world after much online and offline debate that we were 4 opinionated guys in the Midwest and thus 4 Midwest Guys was born.

We continued with round Table format for about another 5-6 episodes when we felt the need to begin to venture our podcasts into one topic or genre podcasts but we didn’t want o give up the 4 Midwest guys brand we had all worked so hard to get off the ground so it was decided that we would prefix these themed podcasts with 4 Midwest Guys Presents. Thus opening the door to do whatever podcasts we wanted too. It wasn’t long before the 4MWG presents Podcasts took over all our time and the round table original show faded away.

Bryan Bertsche decided to take a break from the show and we hope he will one day return but he still remains are sometime periscope reporter and train enthusiast. (the Chair is alway open Bryan) So with Bryan’s absence 4 Midwest guys was down to 3 but as luck would have it my brother Aaron who was doing guest appearances on Star Wars Rebels HQ and doing an awesome job at it with his deep analysis stepped up to the plate and became our 4 Midwest Guy.

Over the past year and half we have as I type this have 128 Podcast shows published and over 3000 downloads which for a little podcast with no budget for marketing isn’t bad. Currently we have 2 weekly podcasts in Star Wars Rebels HQ and Marvel Dc Kings. Also we do series podcasts like The Knight’s watch (a game of thrones Podcast) in which we covered all 10 episodes of season 6. We do a lot of mini-series specials on movies especially on the DCU and MCU and of course my favorite Star Wars. The future remains bright as continue our current projects but also look at moving into Netflix series reviews and as well as other properties on the web.  So please Like follow and Subscribe and join us on our journey.

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