Parsecs of the Force – Kevin Feige going over to Star Wars?!?!!!!

On this episode of Parsecs of the Force, Kevin Feige to over see Star Wars project with Kathleen Kennedy?!??!!!, Lucas Betrayed in Bob Iger tell all book, Deborah Chow named director for new Kenobi Disney+ streaming series, and a look at new Mandalorian and a closer look at The Rise of Skywalker posters. All this and more, we would be honored if you would join us

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MASTER AND PADAWAN EP2: Kenobi series and a lot of The Rise of Skywalker speculation

As promised we are Back and on this edition of Master ans Padawan Gabby I talk about the new Obiwan Kenobi series announced for the new Disney+ streaming series, we talk about how they will possible conclude Leia’s story line in episode 9 with a little jedi training rumor, can and should Kylo Ren be redeemed, will Captain Phasma return?, and is it possible Rey is actually related to Palpatine? Please join us and as always please be kind

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Master and Padawan Ep1: The Saga begins

After much begrudging on my daughters part I have given in and created this Audio only Star Wars Podcast featuring me and my daughter Gabby, So we will focus on Star Wars News and commentary not only from my point of view but my 9 year old daughter. So Gabby and I are proud to present our 1st Podcast and episode of Master and Padawan please enjoy and please be kind.

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Star Wars Breaking News D23 2019

WE are back with all the huge breaking sometimes Spoiler filled Star Wars News after Day 2 at D23. Huge spoiler for Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker, Kenobi is it really happening or is it more rumor, New poster for Rise of Skywalker, A release Month given for Clone Wars and a very revealing interview with Dave Filoni with IGN. WE would be honored if you would join us for it all. Its a new Hope and day for Star Wars!!!

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The Mandalorian Teaser Trailer Review (D23)

We err… I am Back with my review of The Mandalorian official “Teaser” Trailer review released at D23. Join me as I fly Solo and give my quick thoughts on this new trailer.

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Star Wars Insomnia Episode 1

What happens when a podcaster / Star Wars Fan can’t sleep you get this Podcast…. join me as I read Star Wars news for the 1st time and give you my honest opinions and thoughts about it….no scripts  no graphics just me and microphone talking to you. Warning there are some tangents in here but hopefully you find it interesting or at the very least maybe it will help you get some sleep lol

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Welcome back Game of Thrones fans to the Madness of queen Dany!!! Join us we take a deep dive into the madness, destruction, blood lust and end on Pale horse with a girl that has no name.

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